What do you do for divorced couples?

When parents have been divorced and remarried it is possible to have more than one spouse on the Family Tree Plaque. This is common when there are children from more than one marriage. A broken heart symbol may be used by a divorced spouse. If the spouse is deceased and there is a remarriage, you may wish to have both names on the Family Tree Plaque. The main thing to remember is the tree represents your family and its design is your choice.

Broken Heart Symbol

Remove Name From Family Tree Plaque

Can a name be removed after a divorce?
Yes, you return the Family Tree Plaque to us and let us the know the name to be removed. Price $70.00 for the small plaque and $100.00 for the large family tree plaque.

What Generation do I go back to?

How far back in my genealogy can I go?
The Family Tree Plaque starts with a couple represented in the heart of the tree trunk. Descendents from the people in the heart are grouped up around the branches usually in family groups. Ancestors (grandparents or great-grandparents), if you wish to include them, are best placed near the roots of the Family Tree Plaque.

Can Wedding Dates be included?
Yes, you may add wedding dates and stones representing the wedding dates for married couples. We also can add a wedding bells symbol with or without the wedding date. Most people want the wedding date.


How to Lay Out the Names on a Family Tree Plaque

Think as a tree grows is how you place the names around the tree. At the trunk of the tree will be the parents or grandparents (depending on how far back you want to go). The first main branch is the first born. The next main branch is the second born and so on. When the child marries, Wedding bells are added alone with the spouses name. Then their children can complete the branches on the limb.
You want to space out the names to allow for new births to be added in the future.

Dog and Cat on Family Tree

Favorite pets can be placed on the grass at the base of the tree. We have little paw prints that can be placed by the name so everybody realizes this is a pet.

What about a deceased family member?
Many people put a small cross symbol next to the name, while others place the death date under the birth date. In case of an infant's death at birth, an angel or rosebud symbol is often selected.

Infant Death

Can names be added later?
Yes! Send the plaque back to us along with the names and dates to be added. Use tape on the plaque to let us know where the names and dates are to be placed. Usually in about two weeks the Family Tree Plaque will be back with you. The minimum charge to add names is $40.00 up to the first 4 names, plus shipping. Additional names and dates are $10.00 each. It is wise to wait until you need to add at least 2 names to be cost effective.

Title for your Family Tree Plaque
Most people buy Family Tree Plaque for a special occasion - Mothers Day or a major anniversary. Here are some we use on a regular basis:

Happy Mothers Day
Merry Christmas
Our Loving Family
Our Family Tree
Happy 70th Birthday
Happy 50th Anniversary
To Mom With Love

Great Anniversary Gift
& Family Reunion Gift

Family Tree Plaque Oval

Great for Anniversaries, Mother's Day
or a Christmas Family Gift!

Celebrate your family with a Family Tree Plaque. This Family Tree will be treasured for years to come. Since all families grow, you can return it and have the additions added to the Family Tree for a small fee. It will never go out of date.

To place the names around the tree - think how a tree grows. Each major branch is a child. Lower branches are the older Children. The smaller branches off each child are the Grandchildren and the person they married.

The Family Tree Plaque is a great way to show your family how much they mean to you. Given to your parents, grandparents, husband or wife, it is sure to be an elegant and lasting remembrance of what they cherish most - Family.

Your Family Tree Plaque is beautifully engraved with everyone's name and birth date, and beside each name is their sparkling birthstone. Marriage dates and symbols may also be included. The engraving is mounted on a richly finished walnut oval ready to display in a place of honor.

How long does it take to make?

Plan on about two weeks for production and delivery. The big work is you getting all the information together and putting it on a worksheet you FAX or email to us. We will send you a PDF file of the lay-out for your approval. Once we have your approval, it will be just days before you receive one of the most beautiful gifts you could possible give a family member. Your Family Tree Plaque will become a precious family heirloom for years to come. Dates and name will never be lost for future generations!

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